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How we provide quality to satisfy customers
Total Quality Policy
Innovative Products, Excellent Quality, State-of-the-Art
Technology and Prompt Service and Support.
Quality Assurance
To implement effectively the quality system, a series of strict test will be made throughout the design pro-cess, such as EMI test, and temperature test.

The test setup consists of the test generator.EUT (Equipment Under Test) and auxiliary instrumentation.necessary to perform Direct and INDIRECT application of discharges to the EUT as applicable.
Quality System ( ISO 9000 Qualified )
In accordance with the quality record control operation procedures, IQC (Income Quality Control) collect,identify,review,build index files and archive all quality records created by the activities from various stages.

In order to guarantee that the product quality will meet customers' requirements, all materials, packing and services necessary for the product production shall be purchased and adequately supplied with appropriate time, quality and price for the purchasing.

The quality control department is responsible for the control, calibration and maintenance operations of all measuring and testing device.