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Management mission:
Improve and create high quality products for your life.

Management faith:
Innovative Products and Prompt Service and Support.

Management policy:
Excellent Quality and State-of-the-Art Technology.

Worldwide Service Capabilities
We will continue to refine world-class manufacturing process technologies, while maintaining global competitiveness through CFL technology and cost control.
Fast-to-Market Capabilities
Strategic alliances that available resources will allow us to raise output and R&D effectiveness even more rapidly to meet Fast-to-Market goals.
International Marketing Capabilities
A Design-Win global marketing Strategy. We provide what our clients need most: Instant Information. From anywhere on the globe, clients can monitor their product development status.
Production Capabilities
With the strict production line, we provide the best quality products to customers and help them apply to industry.
R&D Capabilities
R&D strategy has always been dedicated to providing clients with products solutions. In the dynamic and rapidly changing IPC market of the future, customer faith in our R&D strategy and overall capabilities will continue as they consider us an integral part of their success in our role as key supplier.