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Frequently Asked Questions - Lighting Education
What is color temperature, and how does it indicate to the color of the light
output from a lamp?
  Color temperature (or correlated color temperature, CCT) is a number indicating the degree of yellowness or blueness of a white light source. Measured in Kelvins, CCT represents the temperature an incandescent object (like a filament) must reach to mimic the color of the lamp. Yellowish-white (warm) sources, like incandescent lamps, have lower color temperatures in the 2700K-3000K range; white and bluish-white (cool) sources, such as cool white (4100K) and natural daylight (6000K), have higher color temperatures.
The higher the color temperature the whiter, or bluer, the light will be.
What is a foot-candle, and how can I calculate it for lighting a room?
How is quality of light determined?
How is lamp diameter measured?
How can I determine the diameter of thelamp from the lamp name or description?
What is efficacy?
What are lamp BTUs?
What is the mean lumen output of a fluorescent lamp,
and how is it different from the initial lumens?
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