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LED Decoration Light - LED Light Bar
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Product Features

1. Wide applicability, easy to install and maintain.
2. Wide viewing angle:120 degree
3 .Available color: red/yellow/green/blue/white/warm white
4. Safe voltage: DC12V.
5. Anti-UV design
6. Can cut each 3 pcs led 



■ Applications
- Interior lighting, mood lighting, indirect lighting
- Home Theater (AV rack on the back of the shelf)
- stairs, bed lights, etc.
- store lighting

Part No. LED Electronic parameters Power Dimension Input Voltage
LED type LED QTY. Color Luminous Angle
(0.5M) (lm)/0.5M
ARL-R5050R30-12D 3528SMD 30pcs/pc R 190-210 120 2.4W 500*8mm DC 12V
ARL-R5050Y30-12D 3528SMD 30pcs/pc Y 190-210 120 2.4W 500*8mm DC 12V
ARL-R5050B30-12D 3528SMD 30pcs/pc B 140-150 120 2.4W 500*8mm DC 12V
ARL-R5050G30-12D 3528SMD 30pcs/pc G 210-220 120 2.4W 500*8mm DC 12V
ARL-R5050W30-12D 3528SMD 30pcs/pc W 310-320 120 2.4W 500*8mm DC 12V
ARL-R5050WW30-12D 3528SMD 30pcs/pc WW - 120 2.4W 500*8mm DC 12V
ARL-R5050PP30-12D 3528SMD 30pcs/pc P - 120 24W 500*8mm DC 12V