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LED Decoration Light - LED In Fence Tube
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Product Features
Application in building contour, lamp posts, river, stairs, overpasses, bridges...
Colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, colorful RGB
PC material, aluminum alloy 


1. Pipe color transparent, white, color, tubes with circular, D-shaped, U-shaped
2. Per meter 1000 × 50 × 50 (m), can be installed 90, 108, 144 PCS LEDs
3. LED lamp beads refraction, angle of 250 degrees,
4. LED solid light source, epoxy resin, no filament heating; rated voltage, constant current
5. High brightness LED light source, brighter color, controller can achieve a variety of dynamic
6. With CF card and SD card series controller signals online and offline, can achieve colorful,
 gradual change, jump change, chase, water, expand, and a variety of dynamic lighting effects
7. Easy installation, transmission angle, dust-proof, waterproof, IP65
8. Working voltage: DC12, 24V or AC12, 24V available
9. EMC pass, free of harmonic contamination of the environment
10. Current: 0.32A/0.42A/0.48A